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Four Ladies....Three Decades

Posted by Machias Savings Bank on Jan 31, 2018 11:00:45 AM

What were you up to in 1987? For Jennifer Tuell, Kelli Emery, Cathy Farren, and Cindy Leighton their job search had ended and their careers at Machias Savings Bank began. 


Let us paint a picture of a simpler time. Our main office on Center Street in Machias was a single story building and our only sister locations were in Calais and Columbia. Employees celebrated payday when their envelope of cash was hand delivered and they used typewriters to prepare letters and loan documents…which Kelli not so fondly remembers one typo meant starting all over! Cindy recalls how nerve wracking it was!


When asked what has kept these ladies coming back for three decades, Kelli shares it is how the bank has continued to find ways to keep her challenged and rewarded; the strong family first philosophy that still lives and thrives today, is what hooked Jennifer and Cindy; Cathy appreciates the Bank's long time commitment to community involvement as volunteering is a passion of hers.


Now you ask, what is next for these ladies? They will wake up, get ready for work, and walk through the doors of MSB, just like they have for the past 30 years. They look forward to watercooler conversations, involvement in community events, and taking part in the continued growth of Machias Savings Bank. Not to mention the thought of retirement (but let's not talk about that!).


As these four reflect on their experiences over the years, they share the common thread that MSB offered them more than just a job back in '87; they were given a fulfilling career and a second family. As we approach our 150th anniversary, we thank these four ladies for helping to build upon our foundation of exceptional through their dedication, knowledge, and engagement.

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