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The Pillars of Exceptional!

Posted by Machias Savings Bank on Jul 20, 2017 2:00:00 PM

At the heart of every exceptional organization lies a strong culture combined with thoughtful employees and progressive leadership. We believe that the success of Machias Savings Bank and the communities we serve rests on the shoulders of our exceptional employees who are engaged and committed to the bank's motto, "Experienced people. Exceptional Service". On the latest survey, 100% of bank employees said that they believe and support the bank's mission and it shows in the community volunteer hours and phenomenal feedback we receive from our customers and friends!


We work hard to create a nurturing environment and focus on supporting the personal and professional pursuits of our employees. Meet Yury Nabokov, MSB's Innovation and Digital Strategy Manager, who in addition to his two bachelors and two master degrees, in June graduated from the Accelerated Program of the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania. Stonier has provided executive education to more than 20,000 senior-level bankers and regulators, including some of the most respected banking executives in the U.S. The program emphasizes strategic planning, financial management, and leadership. The Accelerated Program involves completing the three year school in two intense years, which is quite an accomplishment!

Just like Yury, every employee of Machias Savings Bank is encouraged to pursue their academic dreams, they are empowered to attend development and leadership training and travel across the nation to learn from industry experts. We know that being exceptional is a constantly moving target; its fluid nature fueled by the competitive environment and constant changes in consumer behavior and expectations inspires employees of Machias Savings Bank to evolve progress and innovate. This mindset makes our employees the most committed and passionate workforce in the nation.

Yury strongly believes that professional schools, leadership institutes and self-development programs allow you to better yourself, expand your personal and professional horizons and gives you a unique opportunity to take your skills and knowledge to the next level. According to Yury, it's easy to pursue the most audacious goals when you know that the fruits of your labor will be shared with your friends, colleagues and customers and will contribute to the lives of Maine residents!

If you want to work with exceptional people like Yury, make a positive community impact and change the lives of bank customers - you have found the right place! To learn more about our exceptional career opportunities visit our careers page!

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