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Resolved to make Resolutions

Posted by Machias Savings Bank on Jan 11, 2018 12:36:32 PM

Who doesn't love a fresh start! The New Year always presents the opportunity to do things better or try something new...turn over a new leaf so to speak.

Last year we ask our employees to share their New Year's resolutions and WOW did we get a response! So with that said, we asked them again this year! Enjoy this insider view at how resolutions are making changes in the lives of our employees and our communities.



Julie Vittum will use her leadership abilities to make an impact in her community.  She will continue to work with the Heart of Ellsworth and MCMH Community Outreach Committee in 2018.  She also plans on joining the Rotary.  Giving back and being helpful in the communities we serve are deeply embedded in our values.




Dustin Morse has committed to work on his financial fitness in 2018.  He plans to take full advantage of the SmartDollar program the bank provided each employee.  Dustin shares, "I am currently working on saving my $1000 emergency fund and have set up my debt snowball.  With SmartDollar's help, my student loans no longer feel so daunting!





After spending the last fifteen months in the gym working out regularly, Amanda Holland is going to focus on introducing healthier eating habits to go along with her fitness pal app.  Her ultimate goal is to lose weight and live a healthier life.





A competitive person at heart, Melissa Moffett wants to beat her personal best on her next 5K race.  She is committed to making regular trips to the gym to help accomplish her goal. 



If you happen to see Julie, Dustin, Amanda or Melissa, ask how they're doing at keeping their resolutions alive!

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