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Here's the big reveal on what makes us... EXCEPTIONAL!

Posted by Machias Savings Bank on Feb 16, 2018 5:07:57 PM

Our secret sauce is our experienced and exceptional employees!

Having engaged employees is what makes any business successful. Those receiving recognition at our rally were teammates who set daily examples on how to live, eat and breathe our exceptional culture.


We had 40 members of our MSB family celebrate milestone anniversaries at our annual employee rally this past weekend. One special lady in this group received extra recognition for reaching her 35 year tenure! Joan Davis is an icon here at the bank and there isn't a day that goes by that we are not thankful her!


Sales Employee of the Year: Lisa Holmes

Sales EE-Lisa-1.jpg

With a friendly smile on her face, Lisa is passionate about putting her customers first. Helping make home ownership dreams come true, one customer at a time, is her passion!


Service Employee of the Year: Hailey Wilkins

Service EE-Hailey.jpg

Hailey leads with the attitude that her job is "whatever it takes".  She always puts her customers first, internal and external, and she takes on the challenges that are necessary to take our service culture to the next level. 


Support Employee of the Year:  Brent Colbeth
Support EE-Brent.jpg

From the very start Brent has been a "go-to" person bank wide.  He demonstrates a passion for his job that every team should be privileged to experience. This passion is expressed through his diligent and consistent drive to improve processes and serve others. We are thankful for Brent's steadfast devotion for providing exceptional customer service!


Manager of the Year: Jill Saucier

Manager EE-Jill.jpg

There's a saying out it with passion or not at all.  Jill is known for her passion for providing exceptional customer service and her ability to build relationships. Her employees' engagement is at the top of her list and they sing her praises. Jill is MSB's own Wonder Woman!


Edward L Hennessey Jr Volunteer Award: Lani Smith

ELH EE-Lani.jpg

In 2017, Lani Smith invested nearly 300 hours of volunteer service into Washington County. Being an active member of the Rotary and other civic organizations, a mover and shaker at community events, and a teacher of financial literacy and builder of hope to women working to overcome addiction, landed Lani the recognition of being the recipient of our 2017 Edward L Hennessey Jr Volunteer Award.

Lani has used community involvement to grow not only her community, but also herself.  Speaking publically at the State House, appearing on television, and organizing large community wide events were once far outside her comfort zone.  Lani has risen to these challenges personally and professionally and has grown from her experiences.



President's Award: Sandra Caston

President's EE-Sandra-1.jpg

Sandra Caston's "let's make it happen" attitude made her the perfect recipient for this year's Presidents Award. When we think of what it takes to deliver an exceptional customer experience, the same words used to describe Sandra come to mind: accurate, timely, friendly, supportive and hardworking. Sandra starts each day with a commitment to deliver exceptional service; her work shows it, her customers notice it, and the MSB family appreciates it!




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