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An Exceptional Group of Graduates

Posted by Machias Savings Bank on Jun 23, 2017 3:28:03 PM

This past week the Machias Savings Training Center came alive with the sounds of children, lively conversation and the traditional pomp and circumstance for a group of non-traditional, yet extremely exceptional, adult learners.

In conjunction with the Washington County Adult Education Program, Machias Savings Bank hosted a graduation for 13 students achieving long awaited high school diplomas, 15 students being pinned as Certified Nursing Assistants, 19 Family Futures Downeast students receiving College Transitions completion, and 19 students from the Downeast Correctional Facility receiving WorkReady Certificates.

Graduates and guest speakers alike shared a common message.  Like life, the educational journey is not always a straight line between two points.  By far, the school of hard knocks can be one of life's greatest teachers.  Applying perseverance and determination, educational attainment is possible at any age and at any stage.

Traci Sanborn, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking and Marketing, shared insights into her own educational journey, stating, "Just for reference, my life did not represent a perfectly straight line in regard to education either.  I graduated from high school in 1981 and did just three years of college, choosing not to finish.  I raised my daughter as a single mother juggling work, home, and yes, lots of banking classes."

Traci continued, "I speak for all of us at Machias Savings Bank when I say that every life has an exceptional story to tell.  If you've been around the bank at all, you will know we're all about exceptional. But notice I didn't say a "perfect" story to tell, and I didn't say a story with a fairy tale ending.  That's just not life as any of us know it."

For the graduates who marched across the stage last week, their accomplishments deserve a standing ovation, every bit as much as the graduate who just might have been a valedictorian at a local high school.

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