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2018 HR Hero of the Year for Small Business

Posted by Machias Savings Bank on Jan 11, 2019 11:23:35 AM

Heather Vose, Assistant Vice President of Employee Development, was nationally recognized with the first annual Smarty Award - 2018 HR Hero of the Year for Small Business.

This award given by SmartDollar is dedicated to recognizing extraordinary financial wellness efforts by an HR team member. Since launching the program at MSB in 2017, Heather hit the ground running and quickly stood out as a champion promoting financial wellness at MSB.

Vose.Heather.Smart Dollar Award Picture

SmartDollar shares, "We can think of so many reasons she’s deserving, but here are just a few. Heather is incredibly passionate about helping others and seeing life changes in her team. She went above and beyond our usual suggested promotional plans to encourage as many people in her company as possible to sign up for and engage with SmartDollar. She even uses her own personal story of behavior change with money to engage even more new users. And she does all of that working just three days a week!”

MSB has seen some remarkable financial turnaround for its employees this year. Many who never thought they’d never get out of debt are now becoming debt-free!   Offering the SmartDollar money management tool for free to our employees is just one of the ways we promote employee wellness.

Congratulations Heather! And let’s keep the debt-free snowball rolling....

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